How to prevent electrical system from shutting off upon door closure

  • Hello! Sorry for using english - I searched everywhere for 230e forums but this one seems the best ;)
    Question for the gang: I use a garage with a manual door, which means I always have to stop the car, get our, and open (or close) the garage door. Whats frustrating is that each time I open the door, the electric drive shuts off. So if Im inside the garage and use Apple carplay for example to navigate, as soon as I pull out and open the door, its gone.
    Anyone else as frustrated as I am about this? Any solutions?

  • Hello,

    try to fasten the seat belt with the belt from the passenger sidr before you open the driver door.

    be sure, that P is also activated or the handbrake is active

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  • As far as I remember there is also an adjustable option to shut down the whole car whlie opening a door.

    I'm so sorry, currently I don't remember where to find it ...

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