218d Active Tourer Automatic

  • Hi

    recently i bought from second hand BMW 218d Active Tourer Automatic Transmission 2016 year. I found out that the car originally has ~ 266K KM, even if on dashboard it says 116K . I am now totally disappointed.

    The car is very maintained, it looks like new inside and out.

    Shall i keep it or get rid of it?

    How long will it last ?

    Will the engine and transmission last any longer?

    Should i do any service (like transmission oil change) ?

    I will go to official BMW partner and ask if they can give me service history for the car.

    Its my firs BMW car and my firs car with automatic transmission.

    Any suggestion.

    Thank you and be careful when you buy used cars.

  • Hi bini2215,

    at first I would go to a BMW dealer and ask for a complete car check with paperwork.

    If your suspicion will be confirmed I would go to the dealer where you bought the car and try to discuss the results.

    Before you should make a copy for being able to hand out the paperwork.

    It is important how he reacts.

    Maybe he ist also surprised and disappointed and maybe he tries to find a solution for you.

    If not go to police.

    Besides that you shall consider if the car is still okay for you or not. If not try to return.

    If the car is still okay, then try to negotiate a discount.

    Good luck for all the activities

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  • #Fusspunk, i already went to the second hand dealer but he doesn't care, it looked like he knew it but just hid it. Unfortunately i paid him for the car so i cant do anything.

  • When the contract you signed is based on a milage of 116k km and this is clear written down, then the contract can be returned.

    But you need a strong confirmation by BMW that the car has actually a mileage of 266k km.

    With that you can go to police or advocate for forcing the return.

  • You might want to tell everyone in which country you live in? This is to better help you with advise, particularly if the car was purchased in Germany as this is a German speaking forum with better knowledge of German law.

    German laws are clear when it comes to dealers selling manipulated odometers.

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  • Let the car check if it is really proper maintained.

    Service history will show if all duties are done.

    Check if automatic gearbox got new oil.

  • Lets look at the positive side. You say it looks like new inside and out which is good. The life span of diesel engines usually last over 260.000 km. I'm sure others here can comment on the durability of the transmission.

    I would certainly have the car checked at an authorized BMW dealer or at least a BMW mechanic you can trust.

    If it where my car I would probably change all liquids too.

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  • That is understandable. However if you drive it over time and everything is running fine then you will start to enjoy it more and more.

    Maybe you want to post some pictures of your car..... you know, show it off to us and make use jealous... at least to those like me who don't have an Active Tourer :)

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